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Education and Purpose Decrease Crime

April 16, 2012

Researchers have shown that increased education levels improve the likelihood that a person will stay out of prison. There is a strong connection between school failure and crime. A good education can provide people with marketable skills. This increases their chances of getting a good job and earning a decent living. Having a good job reduces the chance that a person will commit a crime.

The Common Good Forecaster, a project of both United Way and the American Human Development Project uses U.S. Census data to estimate the effect education has on many factors including crime. Their research indicates that one additional year of education can reduce crime levels. For example, if every adult in the state of New Mexico moved up one level in education the incarceration rate would fall by 60%. The number of people returning to prison would also drop. This is why rehabilitation and education of prisoners is so important. Unfortunately the opportunity to get a good education or to learn a marketable trade in prison are few and far between. This needs to change to reduce recidivism.

You can see the Common Good Forecaster  website at: .

A good education can also keep many of our young people from ever being incarcerated. I have been teaching students how to study, how to to learn more easily, and how to succeed in high school and college. I also teach them how to discover a purpose in life worth pursuing. When they find a work purpose then their education becomes important because they are motivated to prepare for this purpose. When they know how they want to contribute to society it gives them passion and a sense of direction.

We need to help young people to discover their talents, to find a purpose that they feel passionate about and to awaken their potential. If we do this most of these kids will not commit crimes and will never be incarcerated.

Best regards,

Raymond Gerson


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  1. Yes, education is an often-forgotten crime prevention tool. Yet one more reason to take learning seriously.

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