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A Prisoner’s Misery Status

June 7, 2012

A Prisoner’s Misery Status:

Early death from any cause happens most often to people at the bottom of society’s heap. Studies since the 1960s have found those at the top of the pecking order have the least stressful and most healthy lives. Now science sheds additional light on the subject. There is a biochemical response to low status. There are a class of hormones that regulate the immune system and respond to stress. The response causes chronic inflammation which leads to disease in the body.

My son was a prisoner. He talked about the stress of life behind bars. After years of high blood pressure, severe anxiety and pain from old injuries, he had to take medication for anxiety caused by stress. He could not take strong pain meds because of the inflammation in his bowels. He couldn’t show any weakness because that would make him more vulnerable to the gangs running the prison. By the time Davin was paroled it was too late for him to enjoy his freedom. At least he got to come home to die. Many of his friends died in the infirmary of cancer or heart disease at young ages without the loving touch and care of a family.

By Bonnie Hall


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  1. Josey Ketcher Johnson permalink

    Davin’s other Mother, to Bonnie, Jim & James. 7-5-2012

    I just found this web site today. I didn’t know that Davin was gone. I loved him so much. I didn’t see or hear from him in the last several years, but I will never forget him. He was just like a son to me.
    He was so smart and knew so much. He was so fun to be with. He wrote a book and I still have it.
    If anyone would like a copy just email me. I also have his art. I do have
    a funny story to tell. One time when I lived in Tulsa, my friend and I belonged to a small art gallery down town. One month the gallery didn’t have an artist for the next show. I talked to Davin about doing a show at the gallery. So Davin and his friend took some cool photos inside the prison and sent them to me. I got them all framed and ready for the show. We called the show “Inside shots” we had prison bars on the walls and we served bread and water. It was a great show everyone loved the photos and I still have some. I was so proud of Davin.

    Davin’s other Mother Josey Ketcher Johnson.

  2. ROBERT VANDERFORD permalink

    Enjoy his freedom wow that’s a huge statement. You had better hope Mark Ledford family doesn’t read how he came home to try and enjoy freedom. You see your monster of a son took the life of another just because he thought he was hitting on Davin truth be told he wasn’t hitting on him Mark was trying to fit in. Davin pulled more crazy stuff that you have no clue of like the time he dropped acid and curled up under the sink in an apartment when we drug him out he looked like he was made of plastic. Davin was never the same he talked about how horrible his home life was and he was only happy high. So write about the monster within instead of the poor boy that came home to die.

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