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The purpose of this website is to inform and provide a voice for mothers who have  kids of any age in correctional institutions. It is also for mothers whose children have ever been incarcerated.

There is power in numbers and few people have more passion for reforming our correctional institutions than mothers of inmates or ex-inmates. I am one of those mothers.  My name is Bonnie Hall . My son Davin Douma was 16 years old when he was tried as an adult and given a life sentence. He was sent to a dangerous prison for adults. Davin spent over 27 years of his life in prison.

I am well aware of the dangers and problems in our current prison systems. Too many die in prison, return to prison or come out worse than before they went in. Our correctional institutions are in need of major reform. My son and I suggest the following as a place to start:

1- Shorter Sentences: “College educations are cheaper and more effective” than long sentences for many inmates. The amount of  punishment we hand out for offenses today is, in most respects, ten times greater than what it was just a few decades ago. When I first arrived in prison twenty years was considered a long sentence. Twenty years is what you get now for bouncing a check and DUIs. And non-violent drug offenses can get you life without parole.” Quoted by Davin. 

2- Putting an end to sexual violence by some inmates used on other inmates. “Our most neglected human rights crisis.” Stated by “Human Rights Watch.”

3- End demoralizing prisoners with verbal abuse by prisoners, guards and other authorities. Train everyone involved in the use of  Nonviolent Communication by Marshal B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. founder and director of educational services for the Center of Nonviolent Communication.

4- Single occupancy housing for prisoners. “Prisoners must have a place where they can escape the social environment that is prison. A safe place where they can read and study and where they will feel an ownership in.”Quoted by Davin.

I will be sharing more of my own thoughts on prison reform on this website and observations and writings by my son Davin. Your comments and the sharing of your own story on this website are welcomed and encouraged.

We also need to find alternative solutions to incarceration.

My warmest regards,


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